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Efficient education program

What is the difference between courses (such as diploma, certificate) and degrees? Members of certain professions, such as IT, have long participated in online certification programs comprised of individual courses or sets of courses, with the passing of high-stakes exams … Continue reading

Drone maket can be a new blue ocean?

The fast-growing global drone industry has not sat back waiting for government policy to be hammered out before pouring investment and effort into opening up this all-new hardware and computing market.  A growing ecosystem of drone software and hardware vendors … Continue reading

A State of Older and Newer Cyber Insuarance

If the rash of data breaches in recent months has done anything for businesses, it’s raised their awareness of cyber liability insurance. The market for cyber liability insurance is expected to increase dramatically as businesses become more aware that their … Continue reading

Effective Workout helps your health.

Regular exercise lessens the likelihood of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of many cancers, builds bones, lifts your spirits, keeps your brain sharp, and can add years to your life. So what stops us from exercising? Some … Continue reading

April featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Recoverability of Deferred Tax Assets) Regarding tax effect accounting, The Business Accounting Council announced the Tax Effect Accounting in October 1998. And the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“JICPA”) announced related accounting and audit practices’ guidance. Of these, … Continue reading

Deregulation electric in Japan

From April 1st, it creates a way for Japanese municipal governments to produce and supply locally generated renewable electricity. The Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 was a harsh wake-up call that quickly became a strong source of motivation for many … Continue reading

Risk of Japanese national bond and economic policy

As fund managers snap up Japanese government bonds from a rapidly shrinking pool, there’s one security going unloved — inflation-linked debt. The Ministry of Finance announced this week it will cut linker issuance for the first time since restarting sales … Continue reading

Japan Still Wanting to Increase Visitors by 2020

While Japan is already one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it still aims to get better figures when it comes to the number of tourists. Most of the visitors who come to Japan would say that the … Continue reading

Working in Japan – Easy or Difficult for Foreigners?

Japan is now one of the top tourist destinations for foreigners regardless of their nationality. The country is indeed a paradise when it comes to sight-seeing, adventure, culture and cuisine. On the other hand, this country has an economy to … Continue reading

March featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Activity of The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission) Mr. Sasaki, who is the secretary general of The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission pointed out the following reinforcements for the discipline of the market place during his lecture (Sponsored by … Continue reading