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Octorber Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Toshiba Scandal) On September 7th, the Japanese conglomerate Toshiba released a Restatement of Past Financial Results, an Outline of FY2014 Consolidated Business Results, a Submission of 176th Annual Securities Report and an Outline of Recurrence Prevention Measures, etc. As a … Continue reading

Practical Tips to Help You Become a Certified Businessman

Have you been working for so long that you just want to be your own boss? If you think you are better off working outside an office, you may want to consider having a business that you can run on … Continue reading

Are You Looking for a Unique Business Idea?

Have you been thinking of a unique business venture in Japan? Are you already tired of the usual businesses pitch such as restaurants, boutiques and shopping malls? Well, there is a business idea that you won’t think of as a … Continue reading

To improve business efficiency

Various research organization said that Japanese market will be getting decrease in the future due to deceasing birthrate and aging the population. For handle such a situation, government of Japan and companies attempt to “Work efficiency improvement” in these days. … Continue reading

September Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Inappropriate accounting treatments in Toshiba) Toshiba released the full version of the investigation report by the Independent Investigation Committee and held a press conference on 21st July. In respect of matters (1) through (4) below, the Committee investigated the … Continue reading

How to Reduce Your Taxes

As mandated by the law, an employed person is obliged to pay taxes accordingly. Whether you have a white or blue collar job, your regular salary is deducted for a certain percentage as computed based on your taxable income. However, … Continue reading

August Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Fourth accounting standard, JMIS) The Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ) issued “Japan’s Modified International Standards(JMIS): Accounting Standards Comprising IFRSs and the ASBJ Modifications” on June 30. JMIS are constructed by (1)the application of JMIS, (2)the Standards issued by the … Continue reading

Booming Tourism of Japan Leads to Scarcity in Accommodations? (Part 2)

In the previous article, several reasons in the increasing number of tourists were mentioned. In addition, the question was raised as to the effect of such increase in the availability of accommodations. If the increase in visitors continues, availability might … Continue reading

Booming Tourism of Japan Leads to Scarcity in Accommodations? (Part 1)

Every year between January and September (peak season), visitors from all over the world come to Japan for some sight-seeing and food trip. According to Japan National Tourist Organization, the country is about to reach the 10 million mark soon. … Continue reading

Your current alien registration card is expired today (July 08 2015)

Following the implementation of the new resident management system on July 9, 2012, the former alien registration card (gaikokujin toroku shomeisho) issued by local municipal governments has been replaced by a new “resident card” (zairyu kaad) which is issued by … Continue reading