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Getting an Investment Visa & Establishing a Company

I had a small but growing business and I needed advice on what path to take regarding company set-up, visa and then tax issues.

Really, it was a blessing to have the expertise all in one place; Tax accountants, Visa Specialists, company set up specialists.

This meant I could explain things once, they could all discuss things there and then as a team, and explain the available options and their pro’s and cons for the situation.

Just this in itself was a big time-saver as if I’d gone elsewhere for advise there would have been a lot of back and forth between different offices.

It was great to have Shawn there to translate things when needed and be “one point of contact” to simplify everything. Looking back it would have been almost impossible for me to have done it myself, and even if my Japanese were perfect the time/cost efficiency made it worth it.

I would highly recommend the Z’Xent Pro team.

We offered him following services

Client started his business with following package ;

Full LLC Establishment Packages&Book Keeping,Tax filing

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