Worried about under-information, having no contacts, or having no human resources in Japan?

When you start business in Japan, you might be worried about the things above.
Of course, these elements are very important even for Japanese who want to start a business.
In this technological age we live in where information can be overwhelming, the best information received is the information received from a friend you can trust. If you think about it, the best staff introductions also come from a friend. And although most Japanese are very kind and help somebody in need, they are often too shy to help foreigners because they might have to speak to you in English. This is because most Japanese are not good at English. Our team members at Z’xent Pro have wide networks in Japan and we are made up of members with several kinds of national professional licenses. Building a network of people you can trust takes time and we are happy to help if needed. We also have one-year package support services available. If you come across any problems during the course of your business in Japan, you can consult us anytime.

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