Z’xent Pro tranlsation services added

We’ve added a new standard service and a new page to introduce it: Japanese to English translation. We’ve seen a need for this and a real lack of quality, professional translation services in the market place. Because of advances in comm

unications and the internet, the translation industry has drastically changed in the last 15 years, and now the vast majority of translation agencies no longer do translations. Rather, it has become the norm to outsource the work to cheaper, non-native speakers of the target language. It has become a race to the bottom, and quality worldwide has suffered.

Also, we’ve seen that there is a real lack of post-translation services, and this is especially true of legal documents. The first problem is obtaining the legal documents. Most Japanese legal documents such as company registrations are very difficult to obtain from overseas. That’s where we come in; we can obtain many legal documents on your behalf. The second problem is that even if the documents are translated, they won’t be recognized as-is in non-Japanese jurisdictions. Once again that’s where Z’xent Pro can help; we can legalize Japanese documents for use in most countries around the world. The process is called getting an apostille, and we can also get this for you. This means you get 1) the original document, 2) an high-quality English translation of the document, and 3) an apostille certificate allowing the document to be recognized in most countries around the world.

Please check out our new translation service page here or from the quick access bar up above.

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