Open a Corporate bank account in Japan

Office in Japan

We sometimes get inquired “want to open a company’s bank account to start a business in Japan” from our potential clients.

How you open it depends on countries, so it might be confusing. Now we’d like to share brief tips about opening a bank account in Japan.

A new company which is just established should submit a company registration, additionally other documents are required.

These are, for instance, a business plan, notifications of starting businesses to a Tax Office and your ID card. Actually it depends on banks what they need.

A bank visits a company’s office to confirm its physical existence at the registered head office and interview an officer of the company to see particulars of establishment and business contents.

It is meant that banks are going to avoid involving in fraud cases.

Especially, this trend has become stronger in these days.

Because the Financial Services Agency of Japan also requires not to be involved in fraud cases, so called “Ore Ore Sagi” which is a kind of fraud to make older people transfer some money to gang’s accounts, or in money laundry of banks.

It is necessary to open a company’s bank account to set up your business in Japan. We have a lot of knowledge and skills to share with you. Feel free to contact us about it.

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