Temporary Officer Program

Office in Japan

First of all, you prepare to set up your company, you have t

o arrange a representative who has an address in Japan.

In other word, one of the representative of your corporation has an address in japan, you can apply investor visa.

We sometimes get inquired “there is no representative who has an address in Japan” from our potential clients.

During business in Japan, you will have an opportunity to live in Japan.

Until you acquire Investor visa, no matter how, it is difficult to have Japanese business partner or potential business partner who live in Japan.

As a result, above conditions impose you high hurdle to acquiring investor visa.

We have temporary officer program which assist your visa petition and incorporate in Japan.

This service wiped out worry about incorporate and visa in Japan, for instance, incorporate, open a bank account, get an investor visa in Japan , and renting an office-space before you get an investor visa.

It is please to help your business set up and get an investor visa in Japan. Feel free to contact us about it.

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