Enthusiasm in Learning English

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Japanese people have a reputation of not having enough skills in order to speak English fluently. We only get to start learning English from junior high school until we enter the university. Generally speaking, the Japanese educational curriculum puts more weight on grammar and writing instead of speaking. As a result, even English teachers don’t speak English fluently. In such situation, it becomes normal for students to feel hesitant when speaking English due to the lack of opportunity to practice it.

Now, most English schools are getting so popular for two main reasons. First is because of the incoming Olympic games to be held in Tokyo 6 years from now. We are excited and eager to welcome visitors coming from different parts of the world. Such a welcoming attitude is called “Omotenashi” in Japanese. 

Another reason for our passion to learn English is due to the decreasing population. As a result of this, we need to expand and find new markets outside of Japan. To do this, having the ability to speak English will be one of our most important tools.

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