Mobile Trucks – An Emerging Business in Japan

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In the United States, food trucks normally sell sandwiches and various easy-to-prepare food and basically go around various cities and states. The idea is to bring its specialty food to everyone regardless of their location. Many people find this business idea very unique, interesting and practical.

In Japan, this idea has been adapted by a company but definitely not copied. It was made differently in a way that the products are not ready-to-eat food, instead basic necessities are delivered to the doorstep of every Japanese home. The “tokushimaru-go” van goes around the outskirts of Tokyo for the purpose of serving people who can’t go to the supermarkets particularly the elderly.

The brain behind this idea is an owner of a supermarket chain in Itabashi Ward. Initially, the priority of this scheme are the seniors, but eventually everyone will benefit from it. The truck can stock around 300 products and that does not only include dry, but fresh goods as well. Two times a week, the truck goes around the area and collects the shopping list of every household. The next time it arrives, it will already deliver the goods to the owners.

The company’s vision and mission are very beneficial for a lot of people. Furthermore, it is hoping that the truck will not only work as a delivery truck, but can also serve as a patrol van for the community. After this initiative, other districts were also encouraged to do the same in their area. Now, shopping will never be a problem for the elderly.

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