Key Business Industries in Japan Today

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In every country, there are certain businesses that really stand out among the rest. Depending on several factors, a country can become really popular due to its superior products or services. When talking about progressive countries, Japan is always on top of the list and automotive industry is known to be its “cream of the crop”.

However, aside from the famous industry of automobile, there are lots of key industries that are also booming in Japan. Together let us discover them, which might be of great help to those who are planning to establish one.

1. Telecommunications – Everywhere you go, you will see people holding a mobile phone whether making a call or using it for data surfing. Due to Japan’s economic progress, various means of communications are just within reach. There are at least 2 major telecommunications company that are providing communication services. You may want to start your own telecom company and compete by providing better services.

2. Banking – Japan has a big market for financial services such as insurance and banking. In this country, you will find the bank that has the largest deposit terms. In addition, most of the Japanese households’ wealth is in two forms – deposit and cash. If you are into Finance, you may want to venture in this industry.

3. Technology – In terms of the recent technology, Japan is never behind. Gadgets and gizmos are everywhere and it’s indeed a fast-paced industry. Whether you are looking for the latest mobile phone, or the newest model for laptops, you will surely find it here. In fact, Japanese are innovators and technology is just a piece of cake to them.

Are you interested either in technology, financial or telecom industry? You may be the next billionaire in Japan. Need help with that? Please contact us for a free consultation.

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