Japan Still Wanting to Increase Visitors by 2020

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While Japan is already one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it still aims to get better figures when it comes to the number of tourists. Most of the visitors who come to Japan would say that the reasons why they go and come back are the following: breath-taking scenery, cuisine and adventures that the country has to offer. We know that these are all Japan’s jewels, but there is one more aspect that remains to be explored – the historical and cultural sites that will surely give an interest to every visitor.

It is the country’s goal to boost tourism in the coming Tokyo Olympics and one of its action plans is to open and introduce the historical/cultural spots to every tourist. Some ways to do this – to promote the local performing arts, renovation of shrines and temples and educating the people about these places.

The government’s goal for 2020 is to reach the 20-million mark that will surpass 2015’s 19.74 million tourists. With such number, it is not a surprise to see Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto as the top destinations.

The set goal is very realistic and it is never impossible to reach provided that certain aspects are given attention such as hotel accommodations, English translation of Japanese signages and increase in the number of bullet train stations that will bring people conveniently from one destination to another. In addition, the improvement of wireless communication can play a big role as visitors promote through social media.

At this point, all of these good plans are still for consideration. But with Japan’s capability, it is not a surprise to see them happening soon.

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