Futuristic Mode: Full Self-Driving Cars to be Developed

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One of the top car manufacturing companies in Japan is aiming to produce it’s fully automated model by the year 2025. Despite the stiff competition in the international market, the company decided to get it on by producing its own independent vehicles.

The company’s plan is to make “level 4” cars which will not be utilizing the brake and steering wheel anymore. However, this will still be under certain conditions such as the weather, time of day and location. Given such, it’s a step towards the “level 5” cars, which are fully independent without any limitations.

Being the third largest car manufacturer in Japan, the company is still in battle field in terms of self-driving technology.
Some of its competitors are already in their “level 2”, wherein multi-functioning has already been achieved as to the steering, control and acceleration. Moreover, some car companies are set to launch their fully automated models by 2021, which is 4 years earlier than others. However, by the time Tokyo Olympics is held in the country, the company will already have its cars that can switch lanes on highways on its own. Soon after, it will be tested in local and busy streets.

Self-driving technology is the latest in car manufacturing nowadays and most car companies want to be if not on top, at least in the loop. As for the country’s third car manufacturing company, it has invested in Research and Development in order to produce the best products at the lowest price possible.

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