Social Enterprise – A Business with a Heart

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Are you thinking of putting up a business that will have a social impact? Are you the type of person who’s concerned with the society and wants to help people through your business? Are you pro-poor and pro-environment? If yes, there is a kind of business that best fits you. It’s called Social Entrepreneurship.

A Social Enterprise is a kind of business wherein profits are not maximized, rather optimized. The main purpose of this business is not only earn, but to satisfy a social need or solve a problem through the use of a popular approach which is market-driven. With the traditional business methods, financial returns is always the main focus, while social enterprise aims to given an impact while helping out the people in the community.

When putting up a social enterprise, one should think of the issues that can be addressed with the help of technology and innovation. For social entrepreneurs, one common goal is to help improve the lives of the marginalized part of the society. Social entrepreneurs may focus on providing services, products, careers and creating opportunities for everyone. While others see it as charitable, social entrepreneurship can give more than a charity by creating environmental, financial and social impact. Moreover, it gives sustainable income to the poor while they gain knowledge, skills and connections as they produce the products and provide the services to the community.

Some common examples of social enterprises are the following: formulating all-natural products that are environment-friendly, growing and developing organic food, selling goods that are locally produced, creating products that can both answer the demand and satisfy the need.

Do you want to start a social enterprise here in Japan? We might be of help.

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