[Incorporate] Investment report and Tax documents

Investment Report to Japan Bank and Tax documents for Start-ups

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When you consider setting up a company, a branch or a subsidiary in Japan, there are certain things-to-do that correspond to the incorporation procedures. In this chapter, we will introduce two important things you must know to start a business in Japan.

(Report to the Bank of Japan)
The most important thing which tends to be overlooked by many people is an investment report to the Bank of Japan. Depending on a type of business your company will be engaged in, you may require to make a report either in advance of or after the incorporation. Please make sure to consult us well in advance if you wonder your business in Japan requires submission of the report to the authority. If your type of business is categorized as a pre-submission case, then you can only incorporate your company (engage in business activities) principally 2-4 weeks after the receipt of the report to it.

(Tax documents to the jurisdictional tax office)
The second important thing is a submission of tax documents in regard with incorporation of your company. Some documents are to be submitted to the government tax office, and others are to be submitted to the local tax office. Please be aware that there are due dates to submit these documents. Make sure to contact a tax accountant or tax office for more details.
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If you wonder how to start your business in Japan, plan to setup your own company in Japan or to explore new businesses in Japan, we strongly encourage you to contact us first. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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