Hanko culture at business situations in Japan

Have you ever heard that an “official seal” or “registered seal” when making a contrac … 続きを読む

February featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Establishment of SSBJ) The IFRS Foundation establishes the International Committee on Sustainabi … 続きを読む

Benefits for overseas companies expanding into Japan

The Japanese market is attractive because of its thick middle-income group. If you succeed here, you will be a … 続きを読む

Now the immigration restrictions are relaxed! (Updated on November 8, 2021)

The new entrants into Japan with a short-term visa (only for commercial and working purposes) and with a CoE h … 続きを読む

October featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Climate-Related Disclosures) These days, climate-related articles are one of the hot topics in n … 続きを読む

To start your business in Japan very soon

The Ministry of Justice has been taking up a special implementation since March 2019, which is called the “Fas … 続きを読む

What are the differences between a branch and a subsidiary in Japan?

We’d like to share some tips about the differences between a branch and a subsidiary and hope that they … 続きを読む

Second-hand business license application

Second-hand business license is required when dealing with second-hand goods (used, repaired) and the deals ea … 続きを読む

Japan surprises with a four-day workweek

In June, the Japanese Government made headlines proposing a four-day workweek. This came as a surprise for sur … 続きを読む

Extension of the effective periods of COEs (Updated July 5, 2021)

Immigration Service Agency of Japan has announced a following new measure to extend the effective periods of C … 続きを読む