Land operators for travel need to be registered with regional government offices from the year 2018

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In Japan, when companies operate travel agencies, they have to have certified travel supervisors in their companies and must be registered to jurisdictional offices.

In addition to the above-mentioned business, travel arrangement agencies (what is called a “land operator”), will have to register to each regional government office from this coming January 2018, for the purpose of protecting travelers.

To apply for a travel arrangement agency, the company needs to have at least one supervisor at each business office and this person must obtain a license of Certified Domestic Travel Supervisor or complete a specific course for a qualified supervisor. As these supervisors are required to stay at the business offices during the business hours, the company needs to hire such supervisors who are a resident in Japan.

Laws and regulations are being amended on every occasion, so we have to pay attention to new policies that are determined by the government.

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