We are happy to provide estimates for other services you may require not listed here.

List of rates for services

No. Item Fee in yen* Actual cost**
1-1 Business Manager Visa acquisition
(Additional fees will be applied for a Highly Skilled Visa)

per applicant

1-2 Dependent Visa acquisition 100,000
(50,000 per additional applicant)
per applicant
1-3 Other kinds of VISA acquisition From 100,000
per applicant
per applicant
1-4 Visa renewal From 50,000
per applicant
1-A Contingent fee on the success of acquiring a Visa

(150,000 if apply BM Visa and Dependent Visa at once)

1-B Visa application by proxy
Visa acquisition 20,000 1,500
per applicant
Visa renewal or change of residence status application 20,000  6,500
per applicant
2-1 KK company establishment 300,000 214,250
2-2 LLC company establishment 200,000
150,000(Small LLC***)
2-3 Branch office establishment 200,000 111,000
3 Capital custody service for company registration 30,000


4 Investment report to the Bank of Japan for company establishment
After-action Report for industries that do not fall under the “Designated Industries” 50,000
Before-action Report for industries that fall under the “Designated Industries” (Including corresponding inquires from authorities and Execution Report) 75,000
Additional report for more than one non-residence investor (per investor, no matter an After-action Report or an Before-action Report) 30,000
5 Creation of necessary documents to tax offices and submitting them 50,000 2,000
6 Assistance for opening a company’s bank account
(Applying for 3 banks at once)
150,000 9,000
Assistance for applying for internet banking 15,000 2,000
7 Virtual office service (monthly)
Basic monthly charge for rental address Tokyo: 20,000
Osaka: 15,000
Rent an office address to register
Forward mails to a designated address
per mail transfer
Basic monthly charge for rental phone number 5,000
Provide phone number for your business
Phone reception service
per phone reception &
report by email
(Initial construction cost)
(Monthly cost for a telephone company)
113 yen
8 Nominee director (monthly) From 50,000
9 Secretary service (monthly) From 50,000
10 Payment agent service (monthly)
Basic monthly charge
(Payment proxy service for one remittance is included)
From 50,000
Initial PC set-up for internet banking 25,000
Payment proxy service via internet banking 2,000 yen
per remittance
Monthly cost for a bank/Remittance charge
Payment proxy service by manual transactions at bank tellers 4,000 yen
per remittance
Remittance charge/ Travel expenses
11 Forwarding service (monthly)
Basic monthly charge for rental address Tokyo/Osaka:
Forward packages to a designated address 1,000 yen
per package
Recipient payment
12 Legal advisory service (monthly) 300,000
13 All Arrangement service (monthly) Case-by-case basis Case-by-case basis
14 Property Management Service (monthly)
  • collect rent and transfer to a designated account
  • create a lease agreement
  • monthly report
  • pay tax related real estates
10% of a monthly rent collected
or 12,000 yen (whichever is higher)
Case-by-case basis
15 Escrow service for real estate transactions 100,000 1,000
16 M&A support service
(Support process & documentation)
From 100,000 Case-by-case basis
17 Application to change a company’s registration
Change of director’s address (*capital of 100 million yen or less) From 17,000 11,000 + postage
(Case-by-case basis)
Change of directors (*capital of 100 million yen or less) From 30,000 12,000 + postage (Case-by-case basis)
Change of nature/items of business From 42,000 31,000 + postage (Case-by-case basis)
Change of head office address (within same jurisdiction, head office only, no branch) From 37,000 31,000 + postage (Case-by-case basis)
Change of head office (outside jurisdiction, head office only, no branch) From 63,000 62,000 + postage (Case-by-case basis)
Change of branch directors From 23,000 11,000 + postage (Case-by-case basis)
Change of branch address (within same jurisdiction) From 37,000 11,000 + postage (Case-by-case basis)
Change of branch address
(outside jurisdiction)
From 63,000 20,000 + postage (Case-by-case basis)
18 License acquisition From 100,000
19 Translation service From 5,000 yen per page
20 Certification / Apostille
Certify documents by an administrative lawyer 5,000 yen
per document
Certify documents by a notary public and obtain apostille 5,000 yen
per document
Charges for a notary public
+ postage
Consular authentication 25,000 yen
per document
21 Administrative service From 7,500
per 30 minutes
Case-by-case basis

*Sales tax (10% on the fee) is excluded.

**Stamp duty, attestation fee, certificate expense, postage, transportation fee, etc.

***Small LLC is defined that capital investor is one and an individual who resides in Japan.

Note: For work described above that under law must be performed by judicial scriveners and administrative lawyers, such work shall be undertaken directly by said professionals who are members of Z’xent Pro. In this case, Client shall pay the applicable professional directly. Just for the Client convenience, the Client can make remittance to Z’xent Pro’s account and can receive receipts from the professionals respectively.

In addition to a bank transfer, you can also pay by:






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