Virtual Office Service (mail address / phone number provided)


When you set up a new company, an office address in Japan is required for its company registration.
However, it is generally hard to rent an actual office and obtain Japanese address prior to establishing a company.
For such cases, we provide an address for our clients to register it as a headquarter for the new company. By using this service, you will be able to not only obtain the office address for registration, but receive mails relating to your business even when you are out of Japan.
We will properly forward them to your designated address. In addition to the rental address, we also provide a phone number so that you can receive phone calls from your Japanese clients or business partners.


Item Fee (JPY, not inc. tax) Actual Cost (JPY)
Rental address (Tokyo, Osaka) 20,000 / month
Rental phone number 5,000 / month (Initial construction cost)
(Monthly cost for a telephone company)
Mail forwarding service to a designated address 1,000 per mail transfer Postage
Phone secretary service 1,000 per phone reception  

*To connect a telephone line for the first time, 25,000 JPY is charged as construction costs.
**100,000 JPY as a deposit is required with the first payment (This will be fully refunded when the service terminates unless default on payments happens).
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