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We are happy to provide estimates for other services you may require not listed here.

List of rates for services

No. Item Fee in yen
(Not inc. tax)
Actual cost
1-1 Business Manager Visa acquisition 150,000 2,800 yen+Travel expenses (Case by case basis)
1-2 Fee contingent on the success of acquiring a Business Manager Visa 100,000
1-3 Other kinds of VISA acquisition 100,000 2,800 yen+ Travel expenses (Case by case basis)
1-4 VISA renewal From 50,000 yen per applicant
2-1 KK company establishment 300,000 214,250
2-2 LLC company establishment 200,000
(*Small LLC)
2-3 Branch office establishment 150,000 110,000
3 Investment report to Bank of Japan 15,000 510
4 Assistance for opening a company’s bank account 50,000 3,000
5 Trustee service of capital amount for company registration 30,000 1,000
6 Creation of necessary documents to a tax office and submitting them 20,000 1,000
7 Virtual office service (monthly)
  • rent an office address to register
  • forward mails to a designated address
  • provide phone number for your business and phone reception service
    Tokyo 20,000
    Osaka 15,000
    1,000 yen per mail transfer or phone reception & report by email
    8 Property Management Service (monthly)
    • collect rent and tansfer designated account
    • monthly report
    • pay tax related real estates
      9 M&A support service
      (Support process & documentation)
      From 100,000 Case by case basis
      10 Application to change a company’s registration From 25,000 Case by case basis
      11 Nominee director (monthly) From 50,000
      12 Payment agent (monthly) From 5,000 Case by case basis
      13 Administrative service 5,000 yen
      per 30 minutes
      Case by case basis

      *Small LLC is defined that capital investor is one and an individual who has opened a Japanese bank account.