Procedures of Starting Business

Main Process of Setting up Your Base in Japan

Here we will outline the basic flow of events for foreigners to setup a company or branch office in Japan.


Enter Japan on a Short-Term Stay Visa



Apply to the Legal Affairs Bureau for registration to establish a new company or branch office.



Open the company’s bank account(s)



Apply to the Immigration for a Certificate of Eligibility

Temporarily return to home country

Apply for and receive work visa from Japanese embassy or consulate in home country

Enter Japan on work visa

Start business

Send notifications to Tax Department, Social Insurance Office, etc.

Outline of Forms for Business Expanding to Japan

Overall there are two different forms of foreign companies that expand into Japan:

  1. New established company
  2. Branch office of the foreign company

If you establish a new company, there are two kinds of companies that can limit investor liability:

  • KK (called kabushiki-gaisha in Japanese)
  • LLC (Limited Liability Company, called goudou-gaisha in Japanese)

The following chart outlines the main characteristics of each form:

KK LLC Branch
Equity at least 1 yen at least 1 yen none
# of investors at least 1 at least 1
Investors’ liability limited to the amount invested limited to the amount invested
Legal person status yes yes none
Trusted by society yes less than KK
Taxation corporate profits taxed corporate profits taxed generally only profits generated in Japan are taxed
Cost to establish standard less than KK less than LLC
Flexibility of rules standard more flexible than KK

Services Z’xent Pro Provides

Z’xent Pro has complete staff of experts (Certified Judicial Scriveners & Administrative Lawyers, professional consultants and certified turnaround professionals) who are ready to serve. Thanks to our wide network and list of accomplishments, we offer complete services from before your company is established to after it’s up and running.

Step 1. Company pre establishment support
Company-form consideration consulting
Office introduction
Step 2. Support for establishing company
Company establishment (KK, LLC, branch)
Visa acquisition
Business permit acquisition
Assistance opening bank accounts
Company/personal seal creation
Step 3. Company post-establishment support
Contract creation
Paper work in Japanese
Change of company’s registration