Property Management Service


Property Management

When you intend to invest in Japanese real estates and obtain them on your own, you sometimes encounter with difficulties such as language and local business customs. And the biggest hurdle can be its various complicated procedures. In such circumstances, we can support leasing* and management of properties for your good interest. Our service includes collecting rent from the tenants, managing their payments and taking care of payments for utilities, administrative & maintenance costs and taxes. If needed, we are happy to support you to buy / sell properties in Japan too.
*We are not a real estate agency.

Company Establishment

Having properties with a company has many advantages. For example, you might be able to save the amount of taxes because tax rates for companies are, in general, lower than the ones for individuals. Besides, you can give your employees the authority to implement necessary procedures instead of doing those all by yourself. Our legal professionals can technically assist you to set up a company for the purpose of the possession of properties.


Item Fees (JPY, Not inc. tax) Actual Cost (JPY)
Property Management Service (monthly)


Service contents:
・Collect rent, manage payments, demand for rent overdue
・Handle with inquiries from the tenants
・Contact the tenants on your behalf
・Liaise with real estate brokers
・Create a lease agreement
・Being a Tax Payment Agent etc.

10% of rent collected or 15,000 (whichever higher) Case by case
Company Establishment


Service contents:
・Assist to establish a company for being an owner of properties
(See also Company Establishment for more details)

150,000 ~ 300,000  72,250 ~ 214,250 

Assistance with purchasing / selling procedures of propertiesCase by caseCase by case
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