Certificate of Company Register Explained

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In Japan, a company’s Certificate of Company Register (登記簿謄本) is required for doing such things as opening a company’s bank account and entering into contracts. If any of the items registered in the document change, it is required that you notify the Legal Affairs Bureau of the changes within two weeks. Forgetting to do this may result in additional fees, so it’s important to remember to get this done.

The good news is the Certificate of Company Register is comparatively cheap to obtain. If your company’s establishment registration is complete, you can now easily obtain your company’s Certificate of Company Register at your nearest Legal Affairs Bureau. Also you can now apply online to have it sent by mail to an address you desire. If you apply at a Legal Affairs Bureau the cost is 700 yen, but if you request it sent by mail the price is reduced to 570 yen.

You can request the document online here: Unfortunately the website to apply is only in Japanese, but Z’xent Pro can assist you if you need some help.

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