April featured business affairs Part2

1. Accounting (Establishing Sustainability Disclosure Standards) The development of sustainability disclosure … 続きを読む

Tips for increasing the rate of leasing

Partly due to the influence of COVID-19, the demands for work styles and housing have changed dramatically in … 続きを読む

April featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Accounting for Issuance of ICO Tokens) In March 2022, “Discussion paper on the accounting for t … 続きを読む

Take advantage of good investment timing in Japan!

The yen has fallen to record levels in the foreign exchange market. It is the first time in about six years th … 続きを読む

Now the immigration restrictions are relaxed!

Now the restrictions of entering have been relaxed and foreign nationals without residence cards can enter Jap … 続きを読む

March featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Accounting treatment for issuing and holding “Electronically recorded transferable rights” under … 続きを読む

Hanko culture at business situations in Japan

Have you ever heard that an “official seal” or “registered seal” when making a contrac … 続きを読む

February featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Establishment of SSBJ) The IFRS Foundation establishes the International Committee on Sustainabi … 続きを読む

Benefits for overseas companies expanding into Japan

The Japanese market is attractive because of its thick middle-income group. If you succeed here, you will be a … 続きを読む

Now the immigration restrictions are relaxed! (Updated on November 8, 2021)

The new entrants into Japan with a short-term visa (only for commercial and working purposes) and with a CoE h … 続きを読む