Introduction of tax payment agency service

Do you own land or buildings in Japan while residing overseas? Property taxes and city planning taxes levied o … 続きを読む

What if my Japanese visa expires or my credential (CoE) expires?

Every visa has its term of validity. Under the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer if you have any of the followin … 続きを読む

Real estate in Tokyo that is strong even under the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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Japan looks to robots and AI overcome pandemic

Social distancing needs from covid19 have driven forth a new range of service-oriented robots that are now sho … 続きを読む

Category of Visas in Japan: Investor or Business Manager Visa

We are going to introduce the category of visa in Japan for people interested in working in Japan. This time, … 続きを読む

Manage and Sell your properties in Japan on your behalf.

As certified professionals of Japanese laws, we can manage and sell your properties in Japan at your request. … 続きを読む

Japan to promote green energy

The Paris Agreement went into effect in November 2016 with the central goal to counter climate change by limit … 続きを読む

Our Administrative Services to help your business in Japan!

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus worldwide, the situation is continuing for both those who are doing b … 続きを読む

New Policy for Foreigns Who Are Holding Visas

We hope everyone is safe from the Covid-19 virus. Do some of you who are now holding Japan visas and find diff … 続きを読む

A new hope

Earlier in July, the spacecraft “HOPE” was launched from Japan. This also marks the first time Jap … 続きを読む