Certificate of Registered Matters explained

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In a previous post we briefly introduced what a Certificate of Company Register (登記簿謄本) is and it’s importance for companies in Japan. With it, a company can legally enter into contracts and banks require it for opening bank accounts in the company’s name.

Actually, there are several different types of these documents used for slightly different purposes. One of these is the Current Certificate of Registered Matters (現在事項全部証明書). It differs from the standard certificate in that it acts as proof that the registered items are valid as of the date issued. Changes in a company such as new board members or a new issuance of stock need to be registered.

The Current Certificate of Registered Matters is just one of the many business documents required of companies who operate in Japan. With our staff of certified judicial scriveners, Zxent Pro can handle this for you and translate it into English as well if needed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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