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Process to Get VISA

 Generally when someone starts a new business in Japan or opens a branch office in Japan, they must get a Business Manager Visa. Below is a brief explanation of the process to acquire the Visa:

Apply for a Short-Term Visa

To enter Japan temporarily you can get a Short-Term Stay Visa by applying for one yourself at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate located in your home country. There are many countries that are exempt from having to apply beforehand for a visa if the stay is for a short period of time.


Research and make preparations for establishing a business in Japan

You are required to enter Japan within three months of receiving the Short-Term Stay Visa.
During this time you can make preparations for establishing your business in Japan such as market research and setting up a company/branch office.


Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility

Apply for and receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the Immigration Bureau of Japan.


Temporarily return to home country

Temporarily returning to your country of origin is required in order to obtain a Business Manager Visa.


Apply for Business Manager Visa

Present your Certificate of Eligibility to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate located in your home country, and apply for and receive the Business Manager Visa.


Enter Japan

You must enter Japan within 3 months of receiving the Certificate of Eligibility. You can now start doing business in Japan.


After talking it over with you and considering what is the best visa for you to expand to Japan, we prepare all the documents.
In order for the process to go on as smoothly as possible, we prepare a list of required items for you.

Required Documents

Items Client Provides

  • Passport
  • Photograph
  • Documents related to the company
    (business plan, information/pamphlets about the company, office lease agreement, etc)
  • other documents as needed on a case-by-case basis

Items We Prepare

Business Manager Visa

  • Application for visa to enter the country
  • Certificate of Eligibility and copies

Other kinds of Visa

Short-Term Stay Visa

  • Letter of Reason for Invitation
  • Schedule of Stay
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • other documents needed on a case-by-case basis Foreigner Registration


  Fee Additional actual costs
Short-Term Stay Visa Application 52,500 yen (tax included) Some additional costs may apply depending on the home country of the visa holder.
Certificate of Eligibility Application 157,500 yen (tax included) 0~4,000 Yen (depends on applications)

※We also offer value service packages.