Current tourism situation in Japan

Currently because of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in eastern Japan, tourism from overseas visitors has been decreasing. However, looking at 2010, data released by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) shows that foreign tourism increased 27% compared to 2009. The number of foreigners entering the country last year was as follows, in descending order. Korean: 2.43 million, Chinese: 1.41 million, Taiwanese: 1.26 million.

The data shows that tourists from other Asian countries number relatively high. Realizing the importance of catering to these customers, the large department store chain Daimaru began a campaign to give 5% discount tickets to customers who show their passports. From up until February of this year, 11,000 of these discount tickets were used.

It’s of course important to take into consideration the condition of the economy when considering expanding into Japan, and now the question of how soon tourism from Asian countries will return become important because of the great help tourism will become for recovery of the damaged regions.

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