Government To Loosen Entry Requirements on Foreign Workers

The government recently formed a plan that will loosen the requirements it has regarding the educational history of students entering the country to work. The plan will give students the status of “Specialist” after graduating from a Japanese technical school, allowing them to obtain a visa much easier.The goal of the plan is to make it easier for graduates from Japanese technical schools to work in Japan and increase the number of foreign students. The plan will go into effect at the end of June this year. Currently students who graduate from school in Japan can relatively easily change to a work visa to work in Japan, but for students who decide go home temporarily and wish to come back later to work in Japan, the process is more difficult because at least a bachelor’s degree is generally required.

A 2009 study by the Ministry of Justice found that out of foreign students who graduated school and tried to find a job in Japan, about 70% were successful in their job search. After the earthquake in March many foreign graduates returned home and the government’s plan hopes the new rules will encourage many to come back.

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