Business Tours of Osaka

We’ll be updating our site soon with information about a new service we will be providing: business tours. Do you want to start a business or expand your business to Osaka, but don’t know where would be idea for you? Contact us, tell us what kind of company you wish to set up, and we’ll give you some advice on where might be best for you. If you’re planning on being in Osaka or Kansai, we’ll can even send an interpreter to go with you to look at potential locations you’re interested in.

Location is extremely important for businesses, and where is good depends largely on the industry. For example, let’s say you want to start a restaurant in Japan. The highest-traffic areas have the highest rent, but you might quickly make up for the price difference thanks to the increased number of customers. Or let’s say you want to open a branch office of your company’s import company. You probably won’t be planning on seeing many walk-in customers, so it would make better sense to set-up farther away from downtown where the rent is cheaper. Check back soon when we update our site with more information about this unique service.

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