Incentive Update: Sakai City, Osaka

Sakai City in Osaka prefecture has offered this year subsidy support for businesses that open in certain areas in the city.  These subsidies are available for Japanese and foreign businesses alike who establish a business or office the area.  They are:

  • 15% subsidy for land and or building purchases (subsidy pays up to 15 million yen)
  • 40% subsidy for rent paid over the first three years of business (subsidy pays up to 5 million yen)
  • For foreign companies, additional subsidies, both rates and maximum amounts paid out, are also available

What does this mean?  Suppose you want to open a little cafe and the rent is usually 100,000 yen per month.  With the above subsidy, your rent for the first three years will be at most only 60,000 yen, if not lower.  Use the money you save to invest further into your business and make it grow.

Please contact us if you are interest in this incentive or other possible incentives for your unique situation.  As part of the application procedures, Sakai City requires a sound business plan, a copy of the rental agreement, a copy of the articles of incorporation of the new business, and other proof of establishment documents.  It might seem overwhelming, but Zxent Pro can assist you and take care of all the details.

Reference: incentive website by the city government

(Japanese only)

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