New Japanese Multi-Visa for Chinese a Success

As we posted in June, the Japanese government has recently started issuing new “mult-visas” for Chinese citizens to Okinawa, Japan. The government has reported that the visas have been a huge success. In only one month it is reported that over 1,000 applications for the mult-visas have been issued. This number is nearly 20 times more than what was issued the same time last year for Chinese visitors.

The multi-visa allows the bearer to visit Japan an unlimited number of times over a three year period. The stipulation is that the first time the visa is used must be in Okinawa, but thereafter it can be used at any port of entry in Japan. The new visa is aimed at attracting affluent Chinese who can afford to travel multiple times to Japan but don’t want to go through the hassle of acquiring a new visa for every trip.

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