Top 3 Kansai Industries to Rise Above 22 Trillion Yen

The Kansai Economic Federation and the Kansai Institute for Social and Economic Research announced on the 25th that according to their preliminary calculations, the market size of three top industries (tourism, environmental, medial) will rise above 22 trillion yen. These three industries will become even more important for the further growth of Kansai, and this is especially true of the environmental industry. This industry is sending a strong rippling effect to other industries as well who want to make the switch over to environmentally friendly products and techniques, for a variety of reasons.

The announcement also said that the economic alone of the three cities’ marathons being hosted soon is estimated to be 8.3 billion yen. (The marathons will be: October 30 for Osaka, November 20 for Kobe, and March 11 next year for Kyoto.)

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