First Foreign Subsidy in Osaka Announced

The Osaka Prefecture government announced that it has awarded the first subsidy to support foreign investment in Japan. The award went to SunEdison, which has already established a Japanese subsidiary. As the name suggests, the company specializes in solar power technologies. The subsidy will cover one-third of their office rent worth 10 million yen, and the payments will begin from April this year. SunEdison Japan opened a 260 square-meter office in August of last year in Osaka. It previously had an office in Tokyo, but decided to move it’s Japanese headquarters to Osaka because of the better sunlight and the anticipate expansion of demand in Western Japan.

The new subsidy system that will go into effect this year in Osaka is meant to encourage foreign companies to expand business into Japan. Companies can receive subsidies to offset the cost of setting up overseas if they open an office or factory if they will open an office at least 250 square-meters in size, and hire at least 25 employees. Feel free to contact Zxent Pro if your company is thinking of expanding to Japan.

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