Important notice of the new residency management system

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According to immigration law was changed at July.09.2012, we had new residency management system

Following four items become the important point by this law revision.

1. Grant of the residence card.

2. A residence period for up to five years.

3. Re-entry permit system is changed.

4. An alien registration system is abolished.

Most frequently ask an inquiry from our client is changes of the reentrance system in above 4 points.

When you entered the country again when and the foreigner who possessed a residence card left the country to continue activity in this country within one year after the departure, an effective passport did not have to receive a re-entry permit as a general rule.

But the number of points where you must be careful about is how many, or there is it.

When you leave the country by a new system, you cannot extend the validity in overseas Japanese Embassy.

As for time beyond (as for the special permanent resident two years), a residence status will be lost for one year a period of the departure.

In this case you must perform landing application as a new immigrant some other time after having acquired a new visa at a government establishment abroad.

When a period leaving the country may extend, please warn him because it is necessary to receive a re-entry permit as before, and to leave the country.

When it is going to use a new system after law revision for the first time, it does not apply to a person needing a re-entry permit exceptionally, or it becomes very important to confirm in own.

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