Start business with Individual or Corporation


When the person starts his business, individual or corporation or which way is good or it is good and is asked.

About the visa, it is not necessarily necessary to establish a corporation for the investment management visa acquisition.

Therefore, you should choose it you conduct a business, and what kind of style you want to unfold with whether it is a corporation, or it is an individual.

There will not be much need to establish cost and a time-consuming corporation to run a shop only for one, a restaurant, the hair salon. On the other hand, there is a merit to establish a corporation because business partners increase when there is a plan to extend business, and a corporation is it in trust social than individual business in place, Japan where bank borrowing may be necessary for.

In addition, there are many cases lightening tax burden a corporation as much as proper account book making is required with the aspect of the tax a corporation by the taxation office.

Surplus progressive tax rate (income tax:) to increase if income increases by the personal business, and to become high in a tax rate For being a maximum of 45% of) two phases of corporations a proportional tax rate (a corporation tax:) of (when is less than capital 100 million yen) It becomes 15%, 25.5%).
Thus, business expansion is anticipated and, by the business that taxable income is more likely to come to have a big, you do an incorporation more at first and should start business.

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