Incorporate by Foreigner


You must acquire a residence status necessary for it so that a foreigner works in Japan.

The residence statuses are classified in 27 kinds by an entry purpose determined by “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law”.

There are limits such as the working by each residence status.

In the case of both of the personal business, the following residence statuses are necessary a corporation so that a foreigner makes a company.
①Residence status (the “permanent resident” “spouses of the Japanese” “the spouses of the permanent resident” “a permanent resident”) that working activity does not have the limit
②”Investment, management”

②Of the residence status of “investment, the management” there are the requirements such as the scales of the company to establish to acquire it, and various limits such as the forms of decision and the office of the capital amount of money are established.

However, there is no limit, and even what kind of occupation can set to work, and activity in Japan can release the change of job to other types of industry without a limit when the residence status “permanent resident” “spouses of the Japanese” that ,① working activity does not have the limit have the residence status (social position system residence status) of “the permanent resident” toward “the spouses of the permanent resident”.

Because working has no limit, it is decided in an option depending on the scales of the business that you are going to perform such as the forms of a sum and the office of the capital on the company establishment. You establish a company even immediately without changing the visa and can start business.

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