Two seals necessary to start business in Japan

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As a thing for the signatures, a seal plays an important role at the time of a contract in Japan. Furthermore, in the company establishment procedure, the seal plays an important role.

In the case of the company establishment, a necessary seal includes two of a personal seal and the seal of the company. The points to be careful about when you make a seal are as follows.

・About the personal seal, it is necessary to be the name or him or both imprints at less than 25 millimeters more than 8 millimeters in diameter.

・About the seal of the corporation, it is necessary to be less than 3 centimeters more than 1 centimeter in diameter only in regulation of the size. There is not the limit about the imprint, but generally assumes the name of the company an imprint.

You may tell a seal shop that you will use a stamp for individual registry or company registry, you can obtain all of them in a stamp shop, they will make those stamps for above purpose.

In the registration of the seal, the personal seal becomes the city hall of the address ground, and, as for the seal of the corporation, it becomes Legal Affairs Bureau having jurisdiction over the location of the head office.

At first the first step is personal seal registration to establish a company. If you obtain a seal in accord with requirements and say to a city hall of the address ground and file for seal registration, you can acquire an immediately personal seal certificate.

By the way, the foreigner who does not have a medium-and-long term stay visa cannot do seal registration.

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