Getting Started With Your Business

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When starting any business, there are several tasks that need to be accomplished first. Whether you are establishing it in Japan or overseas, these tasks should be fulfilled in order to have a smooth operation.

If you in Japan and a newbie in business, here is a simple to-do-list for you:

The first step in starting a business is finding a strategic place that can be used as an office or commercial space. When renting an office space in Japan, it is common to use a guarantor and this is a condition that is required in most cases.

As mentioned, renting a commercial space requires a guarantor and this is quite a challenge not only for foreign investors, but also for Japanese people, too. This may be due to the responsibilities associated in being a guarantor. However, most of the time a relative of business owner can be accepted as guarantor.

Having such difficulty in finding a guarantor, here are some of the solutions that you can have:

1. Look for a lessor who does not require a guarantor.

2. Negotiate with the lessor and come up with a good maintenance plan. This can make a guarantor unnecessary.

3. Look for rental spaces offered by Urban Renaissance Agency. This is an incorporated administrative agency in Japan.UR(Urban Renaissance Agency. It is an incorporated administrative agency)

If you need help in finding an area for your business, just to us since we are more than willing to be of help. Our agency is familiar with the entire process and offers references on how to conduct business negotiations with a Japanese lessor. Moreover, we also give advises on how to find a guarantor as well as the things to look for in a contract.

Remember that the address of the office is necessary, and it is a requirement to secure an acquisition of the investment management visa in order to establish a company in Japan.

To accomplish all these, the first step is always finding a good place for an office. Should you have any concerns or encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

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