Feedback from clients

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We are pleased to introduce feedback from our clients who took an investor visa with our service last year.

As for British Mr. Andy resident in Japan, the investor visa acquisition is asked Z’xent pro for last year and acquired at June.
He does consulting of body remodeling such as diet on the internet now.

His business is favorable, too and this time will file for the visa update in Z’xent in June.

After asking about a state, it is employed one person towards a Japanese assistant and makes not only English but also the HP of the Japanese translation and seems to cope with a Japanese inquiry the other day.

The days when it was significant and was busy seemed to be spent ahead of an accounting period of the business.

We had follows, comment.

”The people at Z’xent Pro took away my hassles of paperwork,
letting me focus on the business.
Back then the advice to my small start-up was invaluable.
Now that that business has grown
it’s a relief to  have one less thing (visa renewal) to worry about.”

The clients who we provided a service success his business and we are very happy to re-assist his visa renewal in this time.

We make every possible effort to be able to offer good service by customer continuously.

All members of Z’xent Pro

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