Japanese Relaxation: a Visit to Famous Hot Springs

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Japanese people are known for being workaholic and hardworking. In fact, the working age of Japan starts at 15 years old and this proves how Japanese people value work, yet sometimes neglect to relax.

For most Japanese people, holidays are the perfect time to relax. One of the popular forms of relaxation is going to hot springs. Japanese people believe that hot springs or “onsen” in their native dialect, can maintain good health, remove various pains and aches and also prevent some illnesses with the help of the natural minerals found in the water.

If you want to get all the apparent health benefits, you may try one of these famous hot springs located in different parts of the country.

1. Hanamaki-onsen Hot Spring – this is found in Iwate Prefecture and is known for having eight different hot springs. If you are looking for a resort and a therapeutic area, this is the perfect place for you. Moreover, you can also find the “Hanamaki-onsen Rose & Herb Garden” nearby.

2. Ibusuki Host Spring – this is found in Kyushu Island and popular for its hot sand bath. Unlike other hot springs, people here take a bath using hot sand. To do this, people should wear a kimono and let their bodies be covered by the warm sand until the neck part. This process is believed to stimulate blood circulation with the help of the sand that was heated geothermally.

3. Hell’s Valley (Joshinetsu Kogen National Park) – this is a unique hot spring because the bubbles in the boiling water come from the frozen ground. Through the warmth, it is believed to heal various kinds of diseases and illnesses. Moreover, this place is known for having snow monkeys or Macaques.

4. Zao-onsen Hot Spring – this is a very old hot spring that started in the 1900. It is located at the base of Zao Mountain Range, which is over two prefectures – Miyagi and Yamagata. The place also welcomes ski enthusiasts due to its high altitude.

5. Iwaki-Yumoto-onsen Hot Spring – This place became popular because of the Joban Coalfield. In connection, the hot water in hot springs comes from the bottom of the field. Moreover, tourists can also enjoy five theme parks, leisure center and a water park in the area.

Hot spring is just one of the pleasures that Japanese people enjoy. However, foreigners are very much welcome to try it to experience the wonders it bring to the body.

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