Japan to Host the 2020 Olympics

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Just this week end, the announcement regarding the next host country for 2020 Olympics has been made. Known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan will definitely rise in 2020. As early as now, Japanese people are showing their delight and starting to celebrate in different ways. The Olympics only happen every 4 years and it is always a big deal for powerful countries to win it.

The process in winning the host country is done by voting that involves the International Olympic Committee, which was done in Buenos Aires, Argentina this year. The results of the votes landed to 60-36 against Istanbul in Turkey.

The last time that Japan hosted this prestigious event was in 1964 and the committee thought that it is now the right time to give it to Japan again. Tsunekazu Takeda, a member of the IOC commented this during the presentation, “”Tokyo can be trusted to be the safe pair of hands and much more.” Moreover, PM Abe assured the committee that the Fukushima leak is not a threat anymore.

Spain is now facing economic crisis and Istanbul is undergoing some political unrest, so the members of the committee believed that Japan has the least risk. After the announcement, the Tokyo delegates felt great happiness and even jumped to show how they felt about the decision.

Now, Japan can already start planning for the event that would take a lot of preparations. On the other hand, most Japanese believed that this is very positive news and can help Japan to be on the top again.

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