Consigned Freight Forwarding Business Act

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Recently, we often get inquiries about the Consigned Freight Forwarding Business Act that usually comes from clients. To address these inquiries officially, we would like to explain the provisions and meaning of this act.

First of all, Consigned freight forwarding is a kind of business where clients request for specific goods to be transported to a specified destination at a given time. A freight forward business makes use of different means of transportation such as airline, railway, truck, ship and others. So, this act aims to ensure the smooth operations of the freight forwarding businesses in Japan while meeting certain standards set by the government.

If a company plans to establish such business in Japan, there is a need to secure a license depending on the business contents. However, there are various kinds of license requests for this industry and even companies can’t fully understand and determine what license to secure for their operations. While it is a fact that the license classification process is quite tricky, companies can’t continue operating with an inappropriate license acquisitions.

Despite the confusion, the Japanese government imposes penalties to whoever found with no appropriate license. Moreover, the business may be asked to pay a certain fee or might affect its visa renewal.

With the help of our team, we can provide all the help that any company needs. In fact, we employ only the best people and experts in this field. So, if you have any questions regarding the establishment of any business in Japan, please feel free to send in your inquiries.

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