Radioactive Fuel Rods at Fukushima to be Removed

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Since the nuclear disaster that happened in 2011, the Japanese government has been doing various efforts in order to eliminate the risks completely. After the destructive and traumatic day on the lives of many, a few workers remained despite having low salary, the need to battle with daily hazards and the kind of management that’s in pretty bad shape. These people dedicate their time and efforts in order to clean up and extinguish the dangers and make the surroundings safe for everyone.

In addition to these various duties, the power plant’s engineers decided to perform the most difficult and riskiest task of all – maneuvering radioactive fuel rods, which contain harmful components like plutonium and uranium. To begin this, TEPCO needs to remove the fuel rods from an indoor pool that is located at the reactor building. Despite of it being risky, plant workers have no choice but to do it since it will yield to a positive result – deactivation of the reactors.

Due to this very dangerous task, experts have formulated a plan to prevent radioactive leakage. Some of the important measures include putting a hood over the building, using a remote-controlled grabber and utilizing a tone cask weighing 91 tons that contains 22 fuel assemblies. Every task is crucial and just a small mistake can lead to major trouble, so workers need extra caution. On the other hand, performing this task successfully will result to peace of mind for the people living around the area. Above all, this is good news to foreigners who are planning to put up some businesses in Japan since they will feel safe and at ease.

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