Japan to Hire Foreign Workers to Improve Economic Status

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Great news to foreign workers who dream of working to Japan! Recently, Prime Minister Abe confirmed that the country will soon start hiring trainees and highly-skilled foreign workers. This can be done by streamlining the procedures in recruitment in order to help the economy’s descending workforce. Currently, Japanese working population is aging and this resulted to a very low rate in manpower.

In the present situation, there are very few women who belong in the management level and child care industry. To resolve this issue, the Japanese government is giving a top priority on employing women. Moreover, PM Abe is looking into the idea of decreasing the corporate tax to increase competitiveness among Japanese firms. As a result of these actions, there should be no more labor shortages and decrease in the number of workforce, high potential growth rate and an increase in tax revenues.

Since this is part of the second installment of Abenomics, it is expected to kick off by the middle of 2014. Since PM Abe took the leadership, he promised to end deflation and economic malaise that have been going on for more than a decade now.

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