Exportation of Second-Hand Cars

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Recently, we have been receiving inquiries about exporting second-hand cars, also known as “cream puffs” in Japan. Every car you see on the road may seem brand new, but that’s not always the case. The reason for the cars’ nice appearance is the owners’ attitude of treating them properly. Moreover, they ensure its good working condition by having regular maintenance check-up. In fact, even used cars are so beautiful and valuable. Right now, the industry of Japanese car exportation is very progressive and most car importers from foreign countries find it reliable and of excellent quality.

Nowadays, auctions of cream puffs for intermediate wholesalers became so popular, too. Buyers can participate conveniently in various auctions through the internet. Here, they are given an opportunity to examine the cars online by checking on the condition, appearance and other important features.

When starting this kind of business in Japan, it is so important to know the initial phase, which includes the tasks of setting up a company and applying for a business permit. Should you need further assistance on this, you may contact us anytime and let’s talk about business.

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