Japanese Security Market – How Can Foreign Investors Penetrate?

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It has already been 2 year since PM Abe started his strategy called “Abenomics”. These days, the Japanese Security market is becoming brisk and ready to accept various investments from all over the world.

Due to this improving economic situation, we received inquiries from foreign investors such as the following:

1. What is the most efficient way to purchase Japanese stocks from abroad or outside Japan?

2. Can companies buy stocks even without holding a Japanese security account?

The Japanese security market system is similar to that of the other countries. However, it depends on the kind bonds or stocks interested parties want to purchase. Depending on their preferences, the country’s security company will handle the transactions with the Japanese stock market; however, the number of bonds and stocks will only be limited. In addition, some Japanese security companies may provide a web-based security account. Hence, if you want to buy stocks without restrictions, you need to have a Japanese security account.

This month, Japanese Central bank mentioned this, “We are keeping the current policy” and the abatements will definitely make the market more active. So, if you want to make a solid investment, don’t take your eyes off the Japanese security market this year!

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