Expectations for the Japanese Economy

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Japanese people have been enduring the shrinking economy for last 20 years. They couldn’t have any hope left due to the various economic movements such as deflation, political confusion and strong currency.

Now, PM Abe decided to put a stop to this negative situation and it seems to be working at least for the economic issues so far. Nowadays, people can gradually see a brighter future. This abstract expectation produces great improvement on Japan’s economic situation. Prices of real estate properties are rapidly increasing especially in big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. In addition, shopping malls become so crowded these days.

The more expensive high-end condos are, the better it is, which results to higher sales performance. As long as people can see hope in the future, the Japanese economy can still grow further. At this point, great expectations might be the best medicine in this economic status.

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