Conditions in Securing an Investor-Manager Visa in Japan

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There are several conditions in getting an investor/manager visa and the most important conditions are as follows:

1) Rent an office place. Prepare an office place for your business before filing an application. It is not advisable neither to have a virtual office nor a short-term rental (usually within three months). Moreover, it is unacceptable to use a part of a house for an office space. 

2) Start with 5 million yen for capital. The ideal investment for a business is no less than 5 million yen. Moreover, it is important to prove that the money belongs to you legally. Bank statements can be used as evidence to prove ownership. Take note that the amount of capital or investment is needed in securing an investor/manager visa.

3) Create a feasible business plan. The plan should explain the expected figures (profit and loss & balance sheet) about the business, how to promote the business, skills and experience necessary, partners and business connections, etc.

Now is the best time to start a business in Japan because of the government’s better policies on investments. We can offer you great information and tips that you may find useful for your application. 

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