Ebola Virus Now Becoming Prevalent

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Recently, EVD (Ebola virus disease) became rampant in the world. In Japan, the National Institute of Infectious Disease (NIID) is now exerting efforts to combat this communicable disease with the help of a special manual for EVD.

As per the EVD manual, here are some signs and symptoms that should be observed:

1. A person with a temperature of over 38 Celsius and having symptoms such as severe headache, arthralgia, myalgia, stethalgia, vomiting, without certain reason hemorrhage, etc.)

2. 3 weeks before the onset, the person already has the 3 epidemiological risks such as:

・direct contact with EVD patients including potential patients

・has been to countries with EVD outbreak

・direct contact with a bat or a primate that came from countries with EVD outbreak

3. Having additional symptoms that are clearly different from the common EVD symptoms and are not included above

If a person contains all these three signs, the patient should go to the hospital immediately. NIID will take the necessary tests and treatment needed by the patient.

In addition, authorities are now implementing strict rules in all international airports in order to prevent such epidemic. So, when an airport officer asks you to consult a doctor, please be advised to co-operate as much as you can.

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