Free Wi-Fi Service in Japan

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Taking photos and posting them in various social networking sites are just two of the most common things to do while on a tour. Easy access to the internet is a consideration for most people and free wi-fi is always a hit among tourists. Well, who wouldn’t want to connect to free internet when you have something amazing to share?

Aside from the improvement of tourists destinations all over the country, Japan continuously thinks of services that it can offer to its guests. Since we are already on the internet age, many visitors would want to brag about their location online. This is the reason why a private telecommunications company launched “docomo Wi-Fi for visitors”. With its 150,000 wi-fi spots all over the country, it can make the vacation of foreigners more memorable and convenient.

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, visitors can connect to an unlimited internet access using the same username and password designated on each area. By showing your passport, you can easily get the details needed to keep you connected 24/7. With its fast speed, uploading of photos and sharing of files will definitely be in an instant.

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