Japan – Becoming Earthquake Proof?

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Wherever you are, earthquake comes when least expected. In Japan, people are so used to shaking and already consider it as part of their lives. Japan is not the only country that should endure the aftermath of earthquakes; however, the country has always been serious in preparing and keeping its people safe when it comes.

Recently, there was another shaking recorded in Tokyo. Fortunately, it was not destructive but it still brought fear and worries to people living in the area. As what authorities repeatedly say, earthquakes are inevitable, but the possible damages can be minimized. For Japanese people, they are well-informed and educated as to the “dos” and “don’ts” during a shaking. Moreover, infrastructures are re-enforced and certain technologies are used to make them earthquake proof. Here are some simple tips:

1. Always prepare an emergency kit and make it handy. When there’s a need to evacuate, make sure to carry a bag with all the necessary items that can last you for at least 3 days. You would be needing clothes, batteries, flashlight, radio, medicines, easy-to-eat food and some other stuff that are important for survival.

2. If you are inside the house, cover yourself to protect your head. You can go under a sturdy table or cover yourself with a plastic chair. Stay away from falling objects.

3. Open the doors. If you’re inside the house, keep the door open while you cover yourself. If you are driving, stop the car. Protect yourself by going under the seats and keeping the car door open.

4. If you are cooking, turn off the stove and lock the gas valve. If you are using any appliance, turn it off and unplug. These simple acts can prevent the spread of fire.

5. Always keep yourself informed. Television, radio, newspaper and other forms of media disseminate essential information. Do not ignore warnings and always make yourself susceptible to survival tips.

It is always good to be educated and informed. Disasters and calamities are everywhere, so a person who is prepared will always be safe.

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