Tokyo – to Establish an English Village

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With just few years to go before the much awaited 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo, efforts are done continuously in relation to improving the English proficiency of the people. It is common to encounter Japanese students and even workers having a phobia in speaking the universal language – English. However, with such a big event coming, it is necessary for people to overcome such fear.

In order to help the people, the government has come up with an idea of building facilities that is to be called the “English villages”. Normally, these facilities are run by schools and municipalities that will cater the primary, middle and high school levels, which is most importantly, free of charge. The goal of the English village is to improve the English communication skills of the Japanese people in a fun and enjoyable way. Different activities and lessons are formulated and also ensures that native speakers of English are involved in the program.

While details are still being discussed before it is finalized, authorities are considering the involvement of foreign students primarily the exchange students and those from International schools. With a good cooperation of both the locals and foreigners, it is believed that this will be a huge success just in time for the Olympics.

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